Waller Creek Show 2018

Leonid_Furmansky_Nov 17 2019_DropHouseDesign_WEB_20939.jpg
Leonid_Furmansky_Nov 07 2019_DropHouseDesign_WEB_20937.jpg
Leonid_Furmansky_Nov 12 2019_DropHouseDesign_WEB_20931.jpg
Leonid_Furmansky_Nov 12 2019_DropHouseDesign_WEB_20932.jpg
Leonid_Furmansky_Nov 12 2019_DropHouseDesign_WEB_20935.jpg

Our third year participating in Waller Creek Show, Drophouse designed and fabricated this water powered, offset wheel assembly. The spinning of both wheels fed power to a battery which in turn powered the lights. Wheel is made from aluminum, black lights and luminescent acrylic paddles.

Photography by Leonid Furmansky.