"Working with your hands lets you occupy the middle space between ideas and things." (Christian Klein, Partner)


Drophouse Culture

We are focused on the art of building. The name Drophouse comes from the fabrication term drop, which refers to leftover or scrap material and house— a place for living. We believe that in order to find truth in designing and building, our profession should be devoted to both of these aspects of creation. That devotion has led us to a long list of projects that we solved pragmatically, responsibly, and creatively, with deference to responsive design and responsible materiality.

Drophouse History

Drophouse began its creative existence in 2012 as the brainchild of Christian Klein’s various journeys through architecture, fabrication, and construction over the past 15 years. Christian and his wife Christy met Matt while teaching architecture together at a university in India, and Matt moved to Austin to help launch Drophouse shortly after. Over the course of the next few years, Drophouse added a varied cast of design, fabrication, and construction backgrounds to make it the evolution that it is today. Drophouse has worked on a multitude of projects with a broad range of clients. These experiences have had an immeasurable impact in forming the identity of the firm and its members. Through the variables, Drophouse continues to operate based on a simple idea: bring us the problem, we will find the solution.

Drophouse Philosophy

At Drophouse, we treat design as both experiment and exploration. We combine our various strengths and backgrounds with earnest preparation and a rigorous work ethic, enabling us to deliver design that is original, innovative and imaginative. The Drophouse office is just as much a laboratory as it is a design practice. We are in constant collaboration to work toward new concepts, relying on our diversity as the catalyst and laboratory as the environment that fuels our design development.